Dec. 5, 2021 - 9:00am- Sunday
Fairgrounds- Moscow

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FIREARMS: Harrington Richardson Single Shot 20ga, Sears & Robuck 12ga Pump Ranger, Remington Arms Sportmaster Tube Fed Bolt Action .22 Rifle Model 512, JC Higgins 518.17 12ga Bolt Action, Stevens Model 770 20ga Pump, Westerfield 12ga Pump.  Daisy BB gun. 12 & 20 ga Shells, .22 Shells

SW Native Items: "Hopi First Mesa 1930's" Cornmeal Wall Pocket, Navajo Cloth Doll, Spruce Tree Root Basket w/ Brown Bird Design, Multi-color Small Basket

Glass Front Cabinet, Drop Front Secretary, Victorian Settee & Chair, Waltham Regulator Wall Clock, Gate Leg Table, Vintage Bedroom Set, White Dresser, Drop Leaf Retro Table, 40's Arm Chairs, Collections of Covered Chickens, Souvenir Spoons & Trivets, Cups & Saucers, Teapots, Pitchers,  Salts & Peppers, Flat Irons,  Stove Top & Pig Salt & Peppers, Thumper, Brass Spittoon, Silverware in Chest "Heritage", Watering Can, The Oregon RR & Nav Co. Tag, Concrete Bird Bath, Crock Jug, 1950's Peanuts Books, T.G. Wodehouse Books, Doctor Doolittle Lunch Box, Small Anvil, Cast Iron, Coleman Lanterns, Steinfeld's Western Acres Covered Jar, US Divers Face Mask & Flippers, Souvenir Pieces (White Sulphur Springs) Restaurant China Plates, Cups, Platters, Pitchers (42 Pieces Spokane Central Christian Church, Chalfonte Haddon Hall), Nikko & Co. Fish, Mercury Outboard Motors Glass, Waterford Large Candlestick, Pop & Milk Bottles, Save with the Duckbill Family Book, Griswold Red Skillet, Milk Glass Candy, Hotpoint Timer, Coke Glasses, Lincoln Bookends, Bocce Balls, Candy Machines, Turner Cockatiel (1 as is Mirror), Retro Eye Glasses, Army Corp Tool Pouch, Large 8 Day Pocket Watch, Railway Timekeeper Pocket Watch, Compass, Vintage Light Shades, Gum Ball Machine, Godey Girl Pics, Lone Wolf Pic, Owl Coasters, Iron Wood Seahorse, Dresser Set w/Cameos, Georgian China, Blow Mold Candle, Glass Hummingbirds, Avon Cape Cod, Christmas (Hallmark Ornaments, Rockwell Santas, Much More), Lighters, Watches, 

Cast Dog Bank, Cast Small Pop Engine, Graniteware, Pyrex Pink Gooseberry Cinderella Nesting Bowls, Amber Nesting Bowls, Bauer & Other Bowls, Kerosene Lamps, Mac Truck Decanter, Child's Moccasins & Shoes, 1918 Long Military Photo Training School Bakers & Cooks, Bell, Ironstone Pitcher Bowl, Potty & Pitcher, Royal Typewriter, Blue Maid of Honor Ice Cream Freezer, Chalkware Lady Bedroom Lamp, Linens, Hand Tied Quilts, Horse Figures, Polaroid Land Camera, Copper Boiler, Indian Maiden & Other Pictures, Round Top Trunk, Child's Chair, Wooden Rocker w/Brass Trim, Metal Ashtray w/Palm Tree, 

Forge Tools, 2 Large Anvils (100#ish), Galvanized Tubs, Buckets, Cans, Large Vises, Standard Oil Can, Toboggan, Traps, Pitcher Pump, Cast Fire Box, Coleman Cooler, Wagner Chicken Fryer w/Lid,

Glassware: Cut & Pressed Glass, Depression, Colony Fostoria, American Fostoria, Fenton

Haener's Inn Craigmont Mirror, Korter's Milk Moscow, Cougar Pop Bottle, Genesee Electric Calendars, Davy Crockett Colton WA Bank, Pullman Oriental Cafe Items, 

Cast Cars, Mickey Mouse Lunch Box, Big Boy, Fisher Price & Other Vintage Toys, Toss Across, Little Tike Wagon, Metal Doll House, Doll House Furniture, Paper Dolls, Mini License Plates, Ohio Art Bucket, Girl Suitcases, Tinkertoys, Blocks, Metal Wheel Ride On Horse, Kid's Books, Musical Doll Beds, Simplex Typewriter, Tin Stove, Child's Standing & Sitting Chalk Boards, 

McCullough 2.0 Chain Saw, Canvas Tent, Arvinair Heater, Double Bed, Trashy Romances,