Aug. 22, 2021- 9:00am - Sunday
Fairgrounds - Moscow, ID

Heidelberg Lighted Sign, Reebok Lighted Sign, Pepsi Clock, Willard Batteries Clock, Royal Crown Thermometer, Gates Rubber Co. Tin Sign, American Hammered Clock, Bireley's Pop Thermometer, Simon Oil Co. Thermometer

Dodge Cowboy Ashtray, Goodyear 1928 Covered Box, We Will Bond You Bank, Cheatham Switch Ashtray, Stork & Fish Box, Brass Bells, National Cash Register Drawer, Copper Glasses, Military Picture Frames, Lg. Copper Kettle, Fencing Sword, Arts & Crafts Pieces, Small Bronze Bust of Woman

Pairs of Aladdin Alacite Table  Lamps, Panther TV Lamp, Leaf TV Lamp, Gone with the Wind Lamp Base Deer & Ducks, Aladdin Wall Lamp, Redwing Lamp

Pictures:   John Duffy NY Tin Religious Pics, Castells Capurro Prints, Copper Cowboy Pic, Oil of Flowers from Gumps '67, Framed Scenery Photos, Bessie Gifford Water Color, Many Prints & Originals

3 Lewiston Crocks/Jugs (all as is), Steuban County Wie Jug Chicago, Red Wing Jug, Fuel Tank & Timber Cruise Sticks, 

Weller Footed Vase, Van Briggle Mug & Vase, Holland Vase, Pointsettia Blue Vase, 

Stenciled Desk, Small Pine Stand, Bark Cloth Fabric, Wool Blankets, Days of the Week Dish Towels, Pendleton CD Holder & Blanket,'85 Clown Hawaii or Bust,  Globes, O-U Cut Plug Amber Jar, Zenith MCM Radio, GE Shortwave Radio Wooden, Blue and White Salt Box, Various Bookends, Vintage Ray Bans, Austin Sculpture Fish, Holt Howard Chicken Salt/Pepper, Lladro Bear & Sign, Restaurant China, US Flag, Milk Shake Maker, Hotplate, Art Deco Silverplate, Little Steer Horns, Bakelite Poker Chip Holder & Cane Handle, German Microphone, Cranberry Ruffled Vase, Small Lighthouse Thermometer, Miner's Headlight, White Pitcher w/Greek Figures, Carnival Glass, Glass Owl, Fiesta Yellow Disc Pitcher, Yellow Frosted Candy w/Serpent Feet, Picnic Basket, Hat Rack, Sheet Music, Ephemera, Photos, Bauer & Other Carafes, Small Spongeware Bowls, Jadite Batter Bowl, Didgeridoo, Pottery Mugs, Razor Strop, Bone Buttons, Canadian Coins, Small German Flask, Lg. Thimble, Red Goose Tokens, Train & Dog Candy Containers, Zippo & Other Lighters, Large Dice

'61 Barbie Case, 2 Gun Tiny Pither in Box, Slinky Turtle, Woody Woodpecker Plaque, Annie Oakley Lunchbox '55, Disney Round Suitcase, Cheerul Dachsund, Betty Boop Light Up, Coke Tin Bus, All American Toy Dump Truck, Mickey Mouse Library of Games, 6 Million Dollar Man Movie Viewer,  Dynasty Dolls, Double Bar Ranch Thermos, Thunderbird Viewer, Minnie Mouse Mug, Pogo Sticks, Wooden Bats, Vintage Mitts, Various Kid's Playing Cards, Breyer & Other Animals, James Bond & Man from UNCLE Games, Bumper Pool Balls

Brass Boat Bow Light, Steam Whistles, Brass Nozzles, Trolling Blocks, Traps (Newhouse 48 with teeth, High Grip #315, Mascot #1, High Trap #15, Mascot #1), The Gem Cast Crimper, Crosman Bell Target, Brass Nozzles, Winchester Meat Saw, Concrete Hoe, Keysteel Axe & Others, Camillus Hunting Knife, Capon Tools, Elastrators, Logging Marker, 2 US Coal Bags, Egg Scale, National Lumber Mfg. Wood Samples, Double Park Sign, Shell Belt, Binoculars, Cast Iron, Wood Level, Camp Stools, Powder Scale

Advertising & Souvenirs: Pens/Pencils, Mulford Wintergreens Box, Indianapolis 500 Hat & Pillow, Pullman Admin. Plate, Genesee Warehouse Apron, Small Miller Tray, Washington Inauguration Hatchet, Souvenir China & Other Pieces, Allwardt Hdwe. Moscow Egg Separator, Kamiah Hotel, Spokane Plates, Gran's Milwaukee Wooden Box,  Yokohama Tire Ashtray, Vern Mitchell Holsum Sign, Genesee Ad, Corona Tray, John's Electric Lewiston, Santa Anita Race Track Decals, Union 76 Boxer Shorts, Carlson & Lensegraff Onaway Plate, 1940's Hill & Dale Cobbler Figurine for Dixon Bartlett Shoes, Johnson, Wa Matches, Pair-a-Dice Club Lewiston Salt/Pepper,