July 18, 2021- Sunday-9:00am
Fairgrounds - Moscow, ID

Late Find:  Large 1941 Texaco Railroad Locomotive Chart, Wall Phone, Velvet Elk Antlers, Silver Dollars, Console Stereo, Morrison Knudsen Poster, 1970 Coleman Lantern, Cream & Cream Bread Box, Rabbit Planes, Arts & Crafts Pieces, Boomerangs & Many Collectibles!

Victorian Hall Tree, Oak Rocker, Table & Chair, 3/4 Early Wooden Bed w/Custom Mattress, Regulator Clock, Woman Holding Tray Statue, Fox Print, Wooden Rocker, Small Parlor Table, Coffin Clock, Wild Cat Hunting Knife, MCM Stereo, Victrola (not working), MCM Holt Howard Lil' Sugar & Cream Crock & Jam 'n Jelly Pixie Jars, Red Soda Fountain Stool, Gaggia Alambiccus Essential Oil/Alcohol Distiller (Essential Oil Still for Producing Hydrofoil/oils/tinctures from your very own herbs/plants),  Gem Wringer, Vintage Horseshoes, Harold's Club License Topper, Egg Scale, Spartus Cat Clock, Good Year Clock, FireKing Mug, Military Frame, Aircraft Compass, Pat Benatar 1979 Concert Ticket & Recording, Leopold Compass, Marbles Hatchet, 1945 Victor Trap Book, GE Hotpoint Clock, Humpty Dumpty Lamp, Armco Elephant, The Creature Box Only, Halloween Cookie Cutters & Treat Bags, , Structo Transport Truck, Tonka Truck, Beer Taps, Kosta Boda Cobalt Bowl, Vintage Christmas Items, Ice Cream Table & Chair, Sunbonnet Baby Quilt, Secret of Nimh Lunch Box, Tony Lama Cowboy Boots 10E, Firkin, DeLaval Oiler, Stesco Stove, Nobility Accordion, Wrico Pen/Stencil Set, Dixie Idaho Tape Measure Fish, Van Briggle Sea Shell, Lewiston: Bank of Commerce, Dent & Butler, VFW Sour Dough License Topper, Chastain McNair Bottle. Macs Furniture Moscow Record Cleaner, Culdesac Calendar Plate, Cast Iron Spaniel Door Stop Dog, Heisnner Elves, Keen Kutter Draw Knife Kurt II Compass, Art Deco Box, Large Vaseline Ashtray, Bakelite Anchor Adv., '28-'48 Ford Catalogue, Pixie Sharpener, Chase Divided Box, Victorian Metal Sewing Bird, Cast Book Press, Spalding Soft Ball, Taykit Pocket Stove, Westinghouse Heater, Karnak Brass Candlesticks, Creel, Lg. Hills Bros. Coffee Tin, Wicker Shoe Shine Kit, Ornate Candleholder Marble Base, Hall Bowl, Early Idaho Deer Tags, Marbles, Small Anvil, Tiki Items, Aladdin Lamp, Marble Art Deco Clock, Boy Scout Hat, Hatchet & Camera, Metz Beer Bank, Popeye Brush, School Hand Bell, Potlatch Log Drive Cards, Leather Luggage, Steve Canyon Thermos, AquaLung, Mask & Flippers, Various Cast Iron, Amber Tobacco Jar,  Stingray Pixie Bike, Gallon Gold Medal Jar, Cub Scout Emblem Mold, Vintage Beer Bottles, Lladro Bells, 1909 Troy Idaho Plate, Sheridan Beer Glass, Longaberger Baskets, World's Fair Items, Holt Howard Santa Pitcher, Hen & Rooster, Refrigerator Water Dispenser, Victorian Scrapbook, Various Restaurant China, Pistol Grips, Worley Ashtray, Schaefer Beer Tray, Vintage Models, Budweiser Tap, Red Scotch Cleaner Dispenser & Napkin Holder, Trench Art, Pinbacks, Milk Bottles, English Camp Stove, De Laval Oil Can, 1915 Clarkston Sandpiper Annual, Toddy Meal Glass, Wall Mount Bathroom Glass Holder, Fenton, US Navy China, Fashion Head, Bookends, Multishear, Pool Balls, Pendelton Jacket, Red Rose Tea Animals, Small 48 star Flag, Brass Vlow Torch, G Man Hand Cuffs, Fenton Pieces, Books, Movies & CD's, Fire King Jadite Batter Bowl, Spalding Golden Gloves, Cutlery Sets, Coffee Jars, Kitchen Craft Bowl, Weller Green Magnolia Vase, Chicken of the Sea Fish, Hilton Creamer, Triumph 4 Trap, Newhouse 4 Trap, Cast String Holder, Castanets, Chase Candleholder, Majestic Stove Ship, New Perce County Grade Track Meet Traveling Trophy 1926-1932, Coleman Peak 1 Stove, Small Print Lady at Fountain, Sleds, Vintage Tools, Wooden Oriental Figures, McCormick Tea Pitcher, Reels, Tidbit Tray w/Bakelite Handle, Cosmos Glass, Rosettes, Imperial Metal Box, Much Unlisted.

Couch & Recliner, White Glass Front Cabinet, Patio Table, Modern Oak Armoire, Bookshelves, Chairs, Large BBQ, Patio Table & Chairs, Radial Arm Saw, Hand Tools, Bird Cages, Ladders, Patio Heater, ATV Plow, Bike,