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We hold at least one auction per month at the Latah County Fairgrounds in Moscow, Idaho. We also offer on-site auctions - weather, location, merchandise permitting.


We generally conduct our auctions on Sunday, but   depending on merchandise and client's preference, we occasionally hold auctions on Saturdays and Friday evenings. 


There are many reasons to have an auction.  Throughout the years we have helped hundreds of families settle estates, downsize or move.  We work regularly with dealers looking to consign. The auction business is a unique one. 


Auctions are one of he oldest forms of selling property, and they aren't going out of style any time soon. In fact, more than half of the U.S. population has attended a live auction. Auctions are fast, efficient, and provide clients with a quick turn-around. 


Auctions provide an exciting atmosphere, competitive bidding and entertainment for the whole family. Those that attend do so with the intent to buy. Unlike a yard sale, there is no haggling - prices can only go up from the first bid. 


But why us? 


We are a full-service auction company with a reputation for honesty, expertise, and results. Clints and Lam is a family run company.  When you become a client, you too are treated like family. 


We start with a free consultation to determine if an auction is the best choice for you and your merchandise. Once a contract is signed, we start with an extensive listing of your items, accompanied by photos. These will be placed on our homepage immediately to get our customers excited about your sale.  We take care of all marketing efforts from the listing to auction day.  Working hand in hand, we offer the services you need. We are able to set sales up on site or move merchandise to a more convenient location.  Whether you choose to do most of the work and deliver your merchandise to us or you just hand us the keys and walk away, we do whatever is necessary.  A majority of the time, we empty every cupboard and drawer.  We sort, box, pack, move, unpack, clean, and set-up your merchandise for optimal viewing on sale day. We host a one hour preview prior to the auction. On average, we sell about 100 items per hour until the last saleable item has found a home. You will be mailed a complete print out of all items sold with a check within two days of the auction. 


Thinking of having an auction? Contact us today for your free consultation!