"BEST AUCTION COMPANY EVER!!!! Just Googled you guys on a whim after telling some of the guys I'm serving with about the auction business. I sure miss sales these days and hope to see one soon. The Sinsel clan is moving to Monterey, CA in July (I am in the Middle East and will be just behind them, arriving in August). I am driving cross country, and if time and the universe permit, maybe I can stop by. Hope all is well. Miss you guys. P.S. I wonder if my ability to recognize and call bids has improved?"


-Adam Sinsel

[Perpetual Employee of the Month]




 "...I have had fun buying stuff at your auctions over the years. You are extended family." 


-Barbara Feil [CEO Feil's Antiques]




"I wish I knew how much money I've spent with you guys over the years. I can't begin to tell you how much I've made buying things nobody else wanted that day. You are great sports! Keep it coming. I'll be there with bells on!"

-Antiques by Russ [Antique Dealer Emeritus]

"These people know auctions like nobody else does & are very professional."


-Loren Kammeyer

"...Our community is very fortunte to have a local auction company.  Your hard work, honesty, and knowledge is always appreciated! ..."


-Brandi Roberts [Main St. Antique Mall - Moscow]




"This is a true family ran outfit hosted by the best people in the biz. They always make you feel welcome and you walk away knowing that they appreciate your business."


-Charlie Blackford