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SUNDAY - JUNE 30 - 9:00AM 
1319 S. Deakin Ext. - Moscow
(a block behind A&W off Taylor Ave.)

The guys will be guiding you to available parking or use U of I Lot 45 near the corner of Taylor & Blake.

John & Jeanette Talbott Estate

John & Jeanette were long time Moscow residents.  John (d. 1985)  was a master carpenter who worked in Wood Technology Research at WSU​.  Jeanette (d. 2021) was a book binder at the Moscow Library.  

Wooden Butter Churns, Crocks (Redwing, Palouse Pottery, The Inland Empire Pottery Co., Spokane...) , Jugs, Pottery, Store Candy "Jackson Jar" , Pyrex, Christmas Ornaments, Ceramic Tree & Bubble Lights, Bayonet, Pocket & Hunting Knives, Brass Buckets, Silverplate, Sterling Spoons & Candlesticks, D. Peres Solingen Germany Scissors, Centrella Chinese Tea Box, Insulators, Cast GE Large Fan, Cherry Stoner, Vintage Electronics, Wooden Boxes, Ink Tins, Fountain Pens, Very As Is Large Oriental Vases, Stereoptican & Cards, Blanton Noritake China, Anodized Aluminum Glasses, New Kid's Tablets, Straight Razors, Little Figurines, Wallace Sterling Advertisement, Miner's Lamp, 70's Murano Glass Aquarium Vase, Viking Glass Cigar Ashtray, Japanese Horses Pulling Wagon Planter, Woman's Head Sculpture, Wood Carved Head, Wooden Cowboy, Early Doctor's Bag, Records, License Plates, Pitcher Pump

Vintage Toys: D-Stix, Die Cast Toys, Doll Crib, Metal Jeep, Structo Overland Freight Lines Truck & Trailer, German Arnold Car, Marx Deluxe Delivery Truck, Metal Fire Trucks, Lionel Blue Streak Freight Train, Metal Skill Roll Game, Buddy L Wild Aminal Circus Truck, 50's Bouncy Spring Shoes, Stuffed Toys, Few Marbles, Nomura Japan Tin Battery Tractor, Columbia Vintage Girls' Bike, Erector Set, Playground Sit On Turtle

Columbia Wire Nails Box, Flat Trunks, Jewelry, Tapa Cloth, Tooled Purse, Suitcases, Vintage Clothes, Quilt Tops, Quilt Pieces, Yellowstone Pillow Cover, US Navy Scarf, Magnavox TV Hanging Silk Ad, 48 Star Flag, Sewing Notions, Thimble Collection, Buttons, Fur Coat, US Mail Canvas Bag, Hooked Rug, Braided Rug 

Vintage Large Format Cameras & Others, Camera Accessories, Vintage Dark Room Equipment (Print Dryer, White Enamel Trays, Color Canoe, Lantern Slide Plates, Bottles), Spot-o-matic Enlarging Meter, Kodak Thermometer, Polaroid Filters, Camera Paperwork, Lenses

Palouse Storm Photo, Laurie Erickson Print, Frank Sanford (CDA) 1968 Watercolor, Mary Banks Photos, Rosemary Hoyle Pastels, 1963 Grangeville Relief Map, 

Dresser w/Glove Boxes,  Chest of Drawers, Drop Front Desk, Recliner, Metal & Wood Trimmed Trunk, Floor Radios, Bin Table, 

Hobart Coffee Grinder, Wooden Sleds, Various Cast Iron, Galvanized Lids, Tins, Fruit Jars, Metal Lunch Trays, Revere Pans, Kitchen Gadgets, Small Cream Cans, Metal Door Knocker, 

Books & Magazines: Local History, Gem of the Mountains, Local Cookbooks & More, Carla Emery Recipe Books,  Pioneer Days on the Shadowy St. Joe, The Story of the Washington Water Power Co., Expo 74 Coloring Book, 60's & 70's Catalogs, Early The Larkin Plan & Hirsch Catalogs, Ephemera, Moscow Items, 

Small Enamel Jewelry Kiln, Round Oak Parlor Stove, Hand Tools, Vintage Tools, Military Packs, Canteens, Mess Kits, Kerosene Cans, The Maine Snow Shoes, Bear Paw Snow Shoes, Crosscut Saw Handles, Saw Raker Gauges, Canvas Car Water Bag, Large Grinding Wheel, White Ceiling Tile, Thick Glasses Pieces Salvaged from WSU Library Floor in 1957, Small Snowblower, Rear Tine Tiller, Older Limb Grinder 

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