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Auction Day

JUNE 24 & 25

Spokane Area- Location TBA



We are very excited about this wonderful two day auction! Owners are downsizing after accumulating an amazing varied collection ...with a special emphasis on gas station items (Petroliana). The sale will be divided into two days of fun and we'll be more specific with each day's items as we get closer to sale time. The address will be announced as we approach auction day.



Horse Drawn Freight Wagon

'49 Chevy 4100  1 Ton Farm Truck

Vintage Yamaha 340 Snowmobile (been parked for years)

2 Small Storage Sheds


 Gas Pumps from Restored to Restorable: Sky Chief Texaco Gas Pump, Gasboy Gas Pump, Rolling Sidewalk Gas Dispenser, Visible Shell Gas Pump, National Gas Pump Frame Only, Wayne Gas Pump, NTane Token Pump, Gilbert Baker Self Measuring Pump, Gilbert & Barker Filtered Gasoline Pump Pat. '19, Gas/Oil Pump 1/2 Gal., Tokheim Parts Pump, Dervriters Pump

Western Iron Island Light Poles for Air & Water, Texaco Metal  & Wood Map Holders & Maps, Key Display, Gum Display, Photos & Clippings, Countertop Display Rack for Post Cards, Small Pennants & Decals,w/ original items, Texaco Credit Card Machine, Glass Mobilgas Pump Signs, Small Metal Gas Pump Pricing Signs, Wolf's Heat Motor Oil & Shell Attendant Hats, Mobil Hat Cover, Air Gauges, Driveway Signal Bell, Packard & Clipper Battery Cable Displays, Marquette Generator/Altinator Tester, Power Pac Tester, Hydra Carbine & Elect. System Tester, Bardahl Lube Display, Large Gas Price Numbers, Tube Repair Kits, Gas Pump Globe Holder, Gas Nozzles, GE Tundra Early Battery Charger, 

'54 Texaco Calendar, Ford Thermometer Adv, Expert Muffler Service Clock, Phillips 66 Thermometer Davenport, 1942 Sincerest Calendar, Tire Ashtrays (Goodrich, Penn. Tire, Spokane, ) Carnival Glass Car Vase, Ford Booklets, Matching Union 76 Glass for Pump Globes (new), 76 8 Ball, Visor Eye Shield, '55 Deer Park City Market Calendar, 

SMALL COLLECTIBLES:  Many Advertising Key Chains, & Pencils,  Mini License Plates, Hopalong Pencil Sharpener, Balloon Tire Gauges, Pin Backs, 1921 Coin Fob, Pocket Knives, Tire Gages, Caterpillar Fob,  '35 Ford Sales Winner Ribbon, Ford Pinbacks & Other Items, Marbles, Tokens, Canvas Water Bag, Lady Suicide Knobm T Shirts & Hats...

1940's Metal Keystone Service Station Toy,


Mobil & Firestone Tire Display Stands, Penn Large Oil Tin, Silver Shell 2 Gal. Tin, 

Stant Radiator Cap Cabinet, Goodyear Tire & Battery Rack, Diagnostic Tune Up Center, Willard Batteries Rack, Tire Patch Display, Sterling Wiring Cabinet, Atlas Ignition Parts Cabinet, Delco Brake Parts Cabinet, AC Diagnostic Center

Restored Texaco Oil Dispenser, Hillyard Texaco Oil Dispenser,  & Various Dispensers Ready to Restore, Texaco Oil Bottle Display w/ 12 Bottles, 70+ Gas & Oil Cans & Jars, Tall Shell Motor Oil Bottles, Standard & Union Galvanized Oil Cans, 

ENAMEL SIGNS: Many signs are hanging too high to measure at this time. Large Texaco Station Sign on Pole (approx 17'), Barber Pole ((48"x8") Look Better Feel Better,  Various Coca Cola, Registered Rest Room Texaco (37.5x30"), Charge Cards (32"x24"), Round Texaco 15", '55 Fire Chief Sign (18"x12"), Lead Fuel Sign (7"x6"), Stop Your Motor (32"x10"), American Gas (17"), Texaco No Smoking (22"x4"), Mother Penn Motor Oil (28"x20"), Havoline (18"x12"),Texaco (22"x22"), No Smoking Stop Your Motor, EZ Serve Gas (18"x12"), Chevron Dealer (4"x34"),  Ladies, Pepsi Cola Screen Door Sign (18"x2"), Coke Sign 4'x16"), No Parking, Texaco Motor Oil (30"x30"), Small Pump Lead Signs, Firestone, Lucky Strike (19x12"), Old Gold (33x14"), Granger Rough Cut (23"x10.5"), Dr. Pepper (23"x13"), The Nth Motor Oil (32"x3'), Dills Best Tobacco, Good Year Diamond Shaped (49x26"), 30MPH, Dr. Pepper (23"x13.5"), Hodell Tire Chains (40"), 6A Washington, Pepsi Chalkboard, Viceroy Cigarettes (25.5x11"), Drink Cascade Ginger Ale (19.5"), Camel Cigarettes (13.5x 5 3/4")Old Dutch Cleaner (26x3.5"), Golden Guernsey Milk (20x8 3/4"), Shoe Repair, Bell System Phone, We're as Near as Your Phone, 2 Chesterfield Cigarettes (23x29"), Camel Cigarettes (13.5x5 4/5"). Kendall Motorola, Some New Small Signs. Thermometers (Coke Bottle, Oval Coca Cola, Hires, Double Cola), Texaco Ladies Sign, Round Valvoline Sign, Royal Titon Motor Oil, Valvoline Motor Oil Round & Rectangle & On Stand, Texaco 6 Sided, Phillips 66 Badge Shape, Full Service Island, Mobilgas, 2 Standard Lumber, AC Spark Plug, Uniroyal, S&H Green Stamps, Orange Banner Posts, Insley Concrete, 

10' Signs: Brake Service, Shock Absorbers, Batteries, Wheel Alignment, Texaco

BF Goodrich Tires, Atlas Tires, Oldsmobile Service, Goodyear, Cooper Tires, Fire Chief Pump Sign, US Royal, Ristone, Autolite Batteries, Private Parking, Coast to Coast Safe Flex, Zerolene The Standard Oil, Quaker State Outboard, Firestone Tires Flanged Sign, Goodrich Tires Flanged Sign, Interstate Batteries, Stop Wear Lubrication, EZ Serve, Round,Flying A Gasoline, Conoco (Red), Sinclair Gas, Atlantic, Conoco (Green), Kendall Motor Oils, Canvas RPM Sign, Conoco Letters, Champion Spark Plugs, Standard Oil Products, 2 Sided Lloyd's Service Center/Empire Ford Dealership

Old Milwaukee Beer Lighted Sign, Miller High Life w/Bottle & Glass, Enco Plastic Sign, Miller Plastic Sign, Wooden Western National Sign, Permalube Motor Oil Cardboard Sign, Pall Mall Wooden Box Display,  White Horse Coffee Thermometer, Canvas Bull Durham Sign (5'x2'), Rolf Harris Poster, Jillian's (25x16") Lighted Sign, Oster Electric Scalp Massage Clock, Coors Light, Marlboro Store Hour Adv., Dr. David Cowen Spokane Paper on Board (42x11"), Tyrol A Round Wooden Sign, Dekalb Sign, 


The Canadian Fairbanks Morse 600rpm (black), International 3-5hp 300-500rpm (blue), International Harvester 1.5-2.5hp 300-500rpm (red), Canadian Fairbanks Mod 1.5hp (green), WICO (red), IH 3-5hp 300-500rpm (red), Water Only Fuller & Johnson (green/red), Misc. Pop Engine Pieces

Bally Miami Beach Pinball Machine, 1948 Chicago Coin "Temptation" Pin Ball Machine

RAILROAD LANTERNS:  Norther Pacific, Armspear, Adlake, Nonsweating Adlake, Great Northern, Armspear 120

Large Coca Cola Cooler (6.5'x24") Works, Pepsi Cola Coin Machine & Ideal Dispenser 7UP Coin Machine, Coca Cola Cooler, Magnus Root Beer Barrel Dispenser, Metal Pop Rack, Lighted Coca Cola Bar Light, Pop Bottles, 7Up Clock, Wooden Coke Box, 

National Cash Register (note says made for the Davenport Hotel), Blue Enamel Wood Cook Stove, Hotpoint Automatic Electric Stove 3 Burner w/Oven, Montgomery Wards 2 Door Ice Box, Superior 3 Door Ice Box, Glass Sided Popcorn Machine, 


50+ Collectible Dolls (Walkers, Tiny Tears, Celluloid, Cloth, Barbie....), Howdy Doody & Book, Doll Cribs, High Chairs, Ice Cream Stool, Trunks, Chairs, Clothes & More. Barbie Van, Puppets, Marionette, Doll House Furniture

Mueller Fire Hydrant,  Deer Park Original Stop Light

Cream Separators:  DeLaval, McCormick Deering, American, International

Salesman's Sample? Mini Fanning Mill (24"x21"x14"), Gold Sleuce Box

Glass Display Cases, Front Entry Display Case, Neon Open Sign, Cast Coat Rack, '69 Vette Shelf, New Coke Cooler, Display Case w/Cash Register, 

Mail Sorting Cupboard, Spinning Wheel, Oak Secretary w/Curved Glass, 3 Austrian Bentwood Chairs, Sheet Music Cabinet, Chicken Incubator, Double School Desk, Gate Leg Oak Table, Small 2 Drawer Drop Leaf Stand, Oak Folding Sewing Table, Thomas Edison Cylinder Phonograph, Graphophone, Table Top Victrola, Ice Cream Table & 2 Chairs, Large Cedar Chest, Lamp Table, Postal Telegraph Clock, Seth Thomas Clock, Ft. George Wright Pie Display Cabinet, Ornate Oak Pump Organ, Wooden Goat Cart, School Desk, Cabinet Sewing Machine,  2 Wall Phones, Western Electric Phone, Auto Electric Pay Phone, Black Wall Phone, Beveled Mirror, Harrild's Best Dumping Mold Yakima, Stitching Horse, Large Blanket Chest, Seth Thomas Mantel Clock, Oak Mantel Clock, Iron Youth Bed, Swivel Base Massage Chair, Cast Iron Small Table, Drop Leaf Oak Table, Singer Treadle Sewing Machine, Child's Wicker Chair, '40s Bedroom Set, White Iron Bed, MC Zenith Stereo, Twin Iron Bed, Howard Parlor Stove

Fruit Jars, Pickled Pigs Feet Jars, Counter Top Jars, Milk Bottles

USA Parlor Lamp w/Shade & Matching Hanging Lamp, Lg & Small Lard Presses, Kitchen Aide Coffee Grinder, Countertop String Holder, Syrup Dispensers, Folgers Auto Drip Coffee Pot, Mrs. Peanut Salt & Pepper, Blue Slag Rooster, Stove Cookie Jar, Cast Waffle Iron, Books, Clothes Dasher, 1/2 Gal Cream Can, Type Tray, Brownie Store Display Box, Lamb Cake Mold,  Wooden Butter Bowl, Iron Collection, String Holder, Cast Trivets, Covered Chickens, Finger Lamps, '51 Spokane Phone Book, Spokane Historical Photos, Prison Gum Wrapper Art, Hat Box, Various Art Work, Kitchen Queen Jars, Stove Top Salt/Peppers & Others, Milk Shake Maker, New Cobalt Pieces, Fiesta Cups & Saucers, Canister Set, Butter Molds, Spittoon, Stamp Holder, Curling Irons Warmer, A&W Mugs, Sundae Dishes, Pop Bottles, Metal Cone Dispenser, 2 Glass Butter Churns, Homemade Tin Churn, Sausage Stuffer, Milk Buckets, Cream Cans, Michigan Stove Co. Iron Piece, Primitive Trike, Carhop Tray, Radio Tubes, Girl's Sewing Machine, "Our Gang" Wooden Safety Stilts, 

Popeye & Other Metal Banks, Shoe Lasts, Copper Boiler, Victor Adding Machine, Old Typewriters, Granteware Spittoon & Other Items, Cranberry Box, Beer Taps, Decoys, Steer Skull, 8 Tracks & Cassettes, 

Coffee Jars & Tins, Spice Tins (15lb MJB Can, 20lb Hills Bros Unopened), Advertising Boxes & Tins, Egg Boxes, Bunte Marshmallow Tin, Tobacco Tins, Various Wooden Boxes, Brown Apothecary Jars, 1963 Civil Defense Candy Tin 37lbs. Unopened 

US Mailbox Red/Blue, Fairbanks Platform Scale, 3 Dayton Store Scales, Ice Saw, Steelyard Scales, Lard Press, Sleigh Bells, Crosscut Saws, Jacob Larson Leather Suitcase, Black Americana Sprinkler, Bear Rug, Cabinet Sewing Machine, Ukeline Instrument, Tobacco Tins, Decoys, Vintage Toasters, Small Scales, Miner Candlestick, Cast Cannon, Little Anvils, Picnic Baskets, Bamboo Rods, Universal Sewing Machine, BlueRibbon Tea Tin, Mechanical Bartender Banks, Kwik Coin Nickel Coin Dispenser, Wooden Ice Cream Maker, Spokane Menus, Lamp Shades, Small Blowtorch, Brass Nozzles, Sirens, Parking Meter Head, Brass Bells, Coin Sorter, John Deere Toys, Canvas Seeder, Dale Evans & Horse Mirror, Tin Honey Extractor, Wooden Handled Golf Clubs, Sidewalk Sign Holder, Child's Potty, Coleman Lantern, Leather Egg Crate, Spreaders, Pulley, Small Windmill, Block Planes, Cowboy China, Wooden Folding Playpen, Small Flat Top Trunk, Silverplate, Early Wooden Sled, Coal Skuttle, Chenille Bedspread, HySpeed Small Wagon, Metal Swivel Sled, Heater Seater,Small Popcorn Maker w/Clown  


6 Gal. Churn, Redwing (10 gal. Birch Leaf, 3 gal Canning Crock, others), Pacific, Crown, Drop Bulls Eye, Stone Mason Fruit Jar, Spokane Pottery 3 Gal, Western Stoneware, Minnesota Pottery, Butter Crock, Canning Crocks, Various Lids, Car Vase, Chicken Waterers, Crystal Filter Co. LA, 


Fanning Mill, Dump Rake Seat, Fresno, Iron Disc/Plow, Iron Cultivator, Drill, JD Corn Planters, JD Seeder, Iron Wheels, Wooden Wheels, Galvanized Tubs, 2 Main Street Lights on Concrete Base, Planet Jr. Seeder/Cultivator, Cast Iron Tractor Seat, 


Parts Only '58 Chevy Station Wagon, '56 Ford Cab, Fenders & Hood, '58 Car Parts, '55 Ford Doors, Auto Booklets, Headlight Glass, Car Heaters, Hood Ornaments, Head Light Covers, '59 Chevy Heater Control, Mickey Thompson Valve Covers, Model A Headlights &. Bracket, V8 Hub Caps, '47? Chevy HoodLicense Plates & License Toppers, Indian Radiator Cap, Ooga Horns, Model A Headlights, Bumper, Speedometer & Other Parts, Greyhound Radiator Cap, Car Emblems, Hubcaps, Plymouth Spare Tire Cover, 3 Speed Transmission '60 Chevy, '58 Chevy Auto Transmission & Side Windows, , Misc. GM Parts, Radios, Radiators, Car Trim, '74 Chevy Tail Lights, Ford Dash, '58 Chevy Rear End & Misc.



Bikes, 2x10 Planks & Beams, Old Cement Mixer w/Elec Motor, Concrete Stepping Stones, Chicken Feeder, Wheelbarrows, Creeper, Air Conditioner, John Deere Bike, Propane Grill, Jacks & Jack Stands, 1250 Engine Stand, Car Tire Dolly, Gas Cans, Trac Gun, Platform Scale Weights, 5000lb Cherry Picker, Old Tools, Crosscut Saw Handles, Small Grinding Wheel, Oilers, Galvanized Tipping Gas Can & Others, Buck Saws, Sack Carts, 

Minnesota Trolling Motor, 3.3 Mercury Boat Motor, Elgin/Firestone Boat Motors, Evinriude Boat Motor Stand, Pelican Paddle Boat

Modern Little Gas Pump Decor, Coca Cola Radio, JWIN Radio/Record Player, Modern Gun Cabinet, Carved Wooden Bear, 3 Modern Couches, White Dinette Set, Double Bed, Misc. Dishes, Weber Genesis Grill

Craftsman 24hp Riding Mower w/Bagger, Husqvarna 15.5hp 38" Riding Mower, Yard Machine 10.5hp 28", Snow Blower, MTV 5hp Chipper, Champion 11hp Generator, Homelite Weedeater, Electric Blower, Poulan Pro Saw, Craftsman Edger, McClain Edger, Craftsman Roll Around Tool Box, Craftsman 30" Pro Snow Blower, Drywall Tools,  Lawn & Garden Tools, Peter Wright Anvil, Craftsman 8" Table Saw, Makita Chop Saw, AND MORE

PREVIEW: Friday, June 23rd | 3pm - 5pm AND 8am on both the 24th and 25th. You can also browse throughout the day.

ACCOMMODATIONS: If you're traveling a distance to the auction and need a hotel, we recommend booking in the N. Spokane area. Hotel rooms will go quickly, as there are a couple of popular events in town on the same weekend, so book soon! For those with motorhomes/campers/trailers, you're welcome to dry camp on site. Please just know there are no hook-ups available.

AUCTION DAY: Preview on both the 24th and 25th will begin at 8am, with the live auction kicking off at 9am. Please bring your lawn chairs and dress for whatever the weather might do! As always, we will have food and refreshments available for purchase throughout the day.


Auction Terms & Conditions

Payments Accepted: Cash |  A Good Check  |  Visa or Mastercard w/4% Convenience Fee       


There is a 1 hour preview prior to bidding, and everything is sold as-is, where-is


  • Buyers are responsible for their items from the time the auctioneer says "sold!"

  • To register for a bidder's number, please bring a valid picture ID

  • We NEVER impose a buyer's premium! 

  • Food is available for purchase at nearly every sale

  • For outside & on-site sales, please bring your lawn chairs!


If you're buying for resale, please be sure to have your tax number available when you register for the first time.

Absentee Bids:
We have sold to customers from all over the world.  Though we prefer to see you in the crowd, we accept both absentee and phone bids. Give Gary a call to place your bid (509) 336-2852

It is our goal to make each auction successful for both clients & customers!

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